How to Install Dzongkha Keyboard in Android Phones

Dzongkha Keyboard

Many Bhutanese use android phones. But people find it hard to get the right applications to use Dzongkha keyboard as it is not installed by the mobile manufacturers. Here let us look into how to install Dzongkha keyboard on Android phones.

Here is a comprehensive tutorial on how to use the Dzongkha keyboard in android phones.

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How to install Dzongkha keyboard in Android phones?

Section A: For Android versions 6 and above:

If your device runs on Android versions 6 and above, it is a plus point for you. Your device supports Dzongkha keyboard without having to root it.

Step 1: Install Keyboard

Search for Multiling O Keyboard + emoji or MultiLing Keyboard in Google Play Store. Both of the applications has almost the same functionalities. These applications are super light-weight yet flexible and powerful. Choose either of them and install in your device.

Step 2: Change Default Keyboard

After installing the application you are almost done! Now change your device’s Default Keyboard. To do this: [Note: The sample shown is here may not be as same as what it is on your device but it would be similar.]

1. Click on Setting in your Apps menu. And Click on General management

General Management

2. Click Default Keyboard

Default Keyboard

3. Select Multiling O Keyboard or MultiLing Keyboard [whichever you have installed]

Select the Keyboard that you downloaded.

Step 3: Use Dzongkha Keyboard

After selecting the Keyboard, now the next task is to select language i.e. Dzongkha. To do this:
1. Long press on the spacebar, swipe up and release when you reach Languages key.
2. In the languages list, click on East Asian

Choose East Asian

3. Click on Dzongkha.

Select Dzongkha

Section B: For Android versions 5 and below

If your device runs on Android versions 5 and below it is a bit tricky as you may have to root your device which is not recommended to do by yourself if you don’t know much about the internal architecture of Android.

But for Samsung android phones there is an alternative. All you need to do is add one more application in your device. Follow the following steps if your device is a product of Samsung.

Step 1: Install iFont (Master of Fonts)

1. Search for iFont (Master of Fonts) in the Google Play Store and install it.


2. Open iFont (Master of Fonts).
3. Click Ok on the Change Log pop up.

Change log

4. Click on RECOM tab and swipe the language groups to find TI.

Click on RECON and swipe to get TI

5. Click any of the fonts you like and click Download.

Dzongkha Fonts
Dzongkha Fonts

6. Next Click on SET on the First use pop-up click Skip.
7. Click OK on Setting Font pop-up.
8. Change your device’s default Font to the font you installed.
9. Then go to Step 2.

Step 2: Install Keyboard

Follow the steps mentioned in Section A. For Android versions 6 and above.

Step 3: Use Dzongkha Keyboard

Follow the steps mentioned in Section A. For Android versions 6 and above

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