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I have a perfectly working android project on my laptop. Due to some circumstances, I had to run that project in another pc. I could “build” the project successfully. But while I “run” the project, I was shocked to see that there came an issue installing the application into emulator. I was popped up with “Installation failed with message Invalid File”.

Ever ran into this condition? Here is the solution.

At times when a developer has to move his/her android project from one pc to another, the “Installation failed with message Invalid File” occurs. This is a problem I faced personally and here I am going to share how I did solve this problem.

Installation failed with message Invalid File error
Installation failed with message Invalid File error

This problem usually arises because of differences in the SDK and API versions on the two different machines. The version of the SDK installed on one machine may be different from the other.

The best solution for not facing this error is to clean the project if you are running a project from other sources. To do this:

1. Open the project

2. Clean the project

Build >> Clean Project

3. Run the project

Run >> Run ‘app’

Or use the shortcut key combination Shift + F10

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