How to Install WordPress in Localhost

How to Install WordPress in Localhost: For testing new themes and plugins, trying these on localhost is a healthy habit in web development using WordPress. Moreover, if you want to learn how to use WordPress for your dream blog or website, trying it on localhost is the best method.

Many bloggers make the mistake of trying new themes and plugins on their hosted websites or blogs. Testing new themes and plugins on the hosted websites or blogs can result in losing your content.

In the beginning, I was like how is it possible? It must the same case to you. Here I will show you how to install WordPress on your own localhost server and join the blogging world as a pro after mastering it!


To host a website you need to have a server on which your web pages will be stored. WAMP, LAMP, MAMP, and XAMP are some of the popular software stacks used for serving this purpose on your own computer or laptop.  You may install any of this software depending on the type of operating system you are using.

How to install and use them remains similar. Here, I will be showing how to use WAMP (for Windows-based operating systems).

  1. Download the latest WampServer from here.
  2. After downloading it, install it on your computer like installing any other software.
  3. Run WampServer and check whether it is working or not. If the WampServer icon in the system tray turns green, it is an indication that your server is ready!
  4. If not try starting WampServer.

Setup MYSQL database

  1. Click on WampSever icon in the system tray and the click phpmyadmin.
Click on phpMyAdmin
  1. By default, your username is set to root and an empty password. Enter username “root”, keep the password blank and click “Go”
Click on “Go”
  1. Create a new database
Enter database name

Download WordPress

WordPress is open software you can use it to create a beautiful website, blog, or app.

Download the latest WordPress package going to New versions of WordPress keep on coming with better features with every version.

Install WordPress to your Localhost

  1. Unzip the WordPress package you downloaded into www folder in the wamp folder in C:\ or wherever you must have installed WampServer.
  2. In the WordPress folder, open wp-config-sample.php and setup your MySQL settings.
Define your database name, username, password and hostname
  1. After setting up, rename the file name as wp-config.php.
  2. Now to install WordPress open your web browser, and go to[php]http://localhost/wordpress[/php]
  3. Fill up the welcome page and click install WordPress.
Fill up the form
  1. Done! WordPress is now installed on your localhost server.
WordPress is installed in your localhost

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