Features of Flutter 3

Flutter 3 was released in December 2021. Some of the new features and improvements in Flutter 3 include:

  • Addition of the Flutter for web and desktop support, which allows for the development of web and desktop apps using the same codebase as mobile apps.
  • Improved support for Apple’s M1 chip, which is used in the latest Mac computers.
  • A new feature called “hot reload 2” which allows for faster and more reliable hot reloading of code changes.
  • A new feature called “Flutter for desktop” which allows developers to create and run Flutter apps on desktop operating systems.
  • Improved support for accessibility, localization, and internationalization.
  • New widgets and APIs, including new Material widgets, new Cupertino widgets, and new Dart language features.
  • Better performance and improved developer productivity.
  • Support for web assembly and web assembly interpreter mode.
  • Improved Dart language features and developer tooling.
  • Improved support for Google’s Firebase services.

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