As a developer, I like keeping Android emulator always on top of my screen – whatever IDE(VS Code or Android Studio) I may be working.

I like keeping the emulator on top the VS code while developing apps using Flutter (Keeping emulator always on top with Flutter’s hot reload feature is a terrific combo).

In this post, I am going to share how to keep Android emulator always on top of your screen (if you want this in your development machine).

  1. Start your AVD from Android Studio.
  2. On the emulator’s navbar select the triple-dot icon. For your reference, a screenshot is displayed below:
How to keep android emulator always on top of your screen
Click on the 3-dotted button
  1. Go to settings.
Go to Setting (with gear icon)
  1. Toggle the “Emulator always on top” option
Toggle “Emulator always on top”

Now, you emulator will appear on top of any running applications on your screen!

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