7 Tips You Should Know While Using the Internet

Today the Internet keeps the world moving. There is so much one can do with the Internet, however so much to care about. Security is one of the concerns one must be taking into account. Here are some of the things that one must be taking care of while using it.

The following are the internet use safety tips you will have to keep in your mind always.

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Keep your passwords super-strong

A strong password is a mixture of numbers, special characters, and both upper- and lower-case characters. Using different passwords for different accounts is also a good practice.

Some would recommend changing your passwords at least twice a year or once a month. The longer you keep the same password, the more susceptible to threats your accounts become.

Never share your passwords like your inner wears.

If you are not sure how to create a strong password, use our password generator tool.

Secure Connection

Many Internet connections are not secure, especially if they’re Wi-Fi connections. One should be aware that the Wi-Fi that one uses in coffee shops, airports, and hotels is risky to your email and bank accounts.

One solution to this issue is to use the connections only if public networks are secured using WPA or WPA2 protocol.

types of social engineering
Cover your face while using the Internet! :p

Use Private Windows

Whenever you are in internet cafés or using other devices, make sure to keep yourself private. Most of the browsers have this feature. In Firefox it is called Private Window and incognito window in Chrome. These features ensure you peruse the web without the fear of having all of your information saved to your computer.

But remember, nothing is private on the Internet. It is all about how you take care of your privacy!

Update to Protect

Keeping your browsers not updated makes you vulnerable to web threats. Periodically check for updates for your browsers.

Update applications on your electronic devices. With updates come better security features and bug fixes.

Not all the sites are secured

Websites that have HTTPS:// before the web address are adding an extra layer of security by encrypting your browsing. Any site without HTTPS is untrustable.

Most importantly, never send bank info, credit card numbers, confidential e-mails, or other sensitive data unless you’re sure you’re on a secure site.

Beware of phishing sites and links you may get in your email inboxes. Always make sure that you are aware of the web URLs before clicking on them.

Know Whom You Contact

People on the Internet can sometimes be bad! Contact only with those you know are genuine. Be aware of the fake accounts in social networks.

Nobody knows that you are a dog on the Internet!

These are some tips to remember among the many others. Keep yourself secured before it’s too late.

What you post on the Internet a ‘Permanent Record’!

Whatever you post on social media is almost unremovable from the Internet. Be always aware of what you intend to share and not to.

For example, while posting an image of Instagram, with the image you post, unknowingly you will be sharing a lot of information. With the image you post, someone on the other side of the screen would be able to track where you are!

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