Why Bhutanese Parents Should Introduce Their Children to Coding

Programming in Bhutan

Not many Bhutanese of my age and above are aware of programming. Not many Bhutanese parents influence their children to become programmers, computer scientists, system analysts, or web developers.

Not many Bhutanese think the programming profession is as lucrative as being a civil engineer, an architect, a lawyer or a teacher. But this profession is the orbit on which today’s world rotates.

However, coding is not limited to IT professions only. It has become a medium with which we interact with the machines we live with for our life’s comfort.

Making one’s children learn the art of coding is inevitable. Starting to learn how to code only at the university level has become a traditional method. It is high time we start crafting coding skills in our children not looking from the job’s perspective but at making our children understand the digital world we live in.

Coding is not only about learning a sophisticated high-level programming language but learning to solve problems. It is said to have positive impacts on children’s cognitive growth. This has made a vibrant buzz around the globe about children learning how to code but it’s different in Bhutan.

Bhutan is no more Bhutan-of-the-time-we-grew-up. Technology has already rooted in our land. Machines have so much influence on our lives. The generations to come must understand how to control these rather than be controlled by them.

Coding is as important as reading and writing in our childhood.

It is my opinion that Bhutanese parents must start moving towards it rather than making children dependent so much on gaming and the internet.

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