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Python Programming in Phones

With the move towards the holistic inclusion of programming as one of the key components of modern education, Bhutan has made a firm decision to teach Python programming in schools from this academic year.

Fortunate are those who would get former classroom teaching. But in the era of information technology, everything is possible. There is a plethora of educational resources available for free online. These resources can also be used for supplementing classroom lessons.

Some of the online platforms one can look forward to learning programming are Coursera, MIT Open Courseware, Khan Academy, Free Code Academy, edX and code.org.

If you Google these keywords, you’ll come across plenty of good resources you can use to teach yourself.

I started learning about Python when I was in my final year. It is pretty close to natural language (English), so many find it easy to learn.

But it is a very powerful language used for many purposes including solving simple mathematical problems to implementing sophisticated machine learning algorithms.

To write Python programs, you don’t need a PC or a laptop (necessarily) because you can do it on your Smartphone.

There are many smartphone applications that makes Python programming possible on your smartphone. I have written about one of those kinds of applications several months ago. Click on the link given below to read the post.

Python on Android Phones

Here is a screenshot of a line of a program which prints some text message.

Hello World Program in Python
Hello World Program in Python

I would also like to share that I share blog posts related to Python programming. To check some of my works, click on the link given below:

Python Programming

To keep in touch with my works and programming fraternity in Bhutan, follow our social handles that you’ll find at the end of this page.

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