Python on Android Phones


Python on Android Phones: Python programming language is being used for various purposes, because of its simplicity and robustness. In most of the institutions, it is being taught as introductory courses to programming fields.

In this blog post, I am going to share about the android application that enables to code on the smartphones that everyone has today.

The application is known by the name Python 3. The screenshot shown below may guide you to get it from Google’s Play Store.

The best Python 3 App
Python 3 App

Python is available in versions, Python 2.x, and Python 3.x. As the name implies, Python 3 is the latest version. The application is for Python 3.

The application has premium features that one can avail by paying some amount. But for the study purposes, the free version is more than enough.

The free version has access to the interpreter just like in computers. The terminal is another handy tool available in the free version. It has prebuilt pip functionality that one can use for installing Python packages.

Functionalities in the app
Functionalities in the app

The sample programs that come with the application can guide you through some basics of Python programming.

Here’s how the hello world program is written in Python.

Run the program and yes, it works!

This is how handy the application is. If you liked it, share the post with your friends who are interested in Python.

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