JavaScript Frameworks Worth Knowing in 2020

JavaScript Frameworks

JavaScript frameworks in 2020: JavaScript is a multi-paradigm language that supports event-driven, functional, and imperative (including object-oriented and prototype-based) programming styles. With the rise of the use of web technologies for various purposes, many JavaScript frameworks have sprung up in the web arena.

For your information, JavaScript was initially used only as a client-side scripting language. However, these days, JavaScript is used as a server-side programming language as well. Therefore, JavaScript is a language used for multiple purposes.


Created and kept up by Google, Angular.js is one of the most proficient and well-known JavaScript frameworks that give developers the best answers for consolidate JavaScript with HTML and CSS. It is an open-source front-end web framework that permits programming designers to assemble intuitive single-page web applications (SPA) like no other.

Official website: AngularJS – Superheroic JavaScript MVW Framework

AngularJS: Hello World Program
AngularJS: Hello World Program


Created by Facebook, ReactJS is a profoundly effective open-source JavaScript library utilized for making intuitive UIs. This quickly developing JS framework is utilized by website admins to deal with the view layer of complex applications and sites. React.js is quicker than Angular.js and is an ideal decision for the individuals who need a basic, versatile, and quick framework.

Official website: React – A JavaScript library for building user interfaces


Vue.js is an open-source Model–view–view model JavaScript framework for building user interfaces and single-page applications. It is a lightweight library that is utilized to assemble inventive UIs. Directly, in excess of thirty 6,000 sites are utilizing this stage, including the sites of many significant organizations. Vue is intended to be versatile and make the UI development process progressively sorted out.

Official website: Vue.js – The progressive javascript framework


Ember.js is an open-source front-end JavaScript framework that enables software engineers to fabricate versatile single-page, work area, and portable applications. It is a productive, battle-tested JavaScript framework for building modern web applications. It includes everything you need to build rich UIs that work on any device.

Official website: Ember.js – A framework for ambitious web developers


Backbone.js is an MVC (Model View Collection) framework for JS code structuring, is widely used in web applications that have a lot of interaction with JS and complex structures. This is great for large JavaScript applications.

Official website: Backbone.js


The web evolved very rapidly over the 2010s, so did the web technologies. One of them is the rise of JavaScript from a front-end scripting language to a multi-purpose programming language.

Some of the tech-giants using JavaScript are:

  1. Instagram
  2. Uber
  3. Spotify
  4. Facebook

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