How to Hack Trending Keywords

Keyword Research

Keyword Research: In blogging and running e-commerce websites, keywords are like light in the darkness. Here, I will be sharing about how to tap that light easily and attract more viewers to a blog or e-commerce website. These include some of the passive methods of collecting information.

Every blogger wants their posts to be on the top of the search result’s lists because it increases the probability of their targets to be hooked. For e-commerce websites, having their products on the top of the search results would increase the chances of getting more clients.

What are Keywords?

Before getting into how to get better keywords, let us look into what really keywords are. If you know about it, kindly skip this part.

Like a fisherman’s hooks are for catching fish in the pond, keywords are hooks that a user of an information system used to retrieve information. For example, if you want to search for something in Google, the words that you type in the search box are these hooks.

So, bloggers would strive to find out good hooks to get more fish! 😜 The process involved in finding the keywords for using it in the blog posts is known as keyword research. But it is not as easy as it may seem. Keywords are just a part of factors that complement the posts’ ranks in search results.

There are many ways to achieve this, but some can be tedious and costly. Here, I will be sharing about two online tools with which you can hack the keywords that your competitors are using. Both are passive hacks (your targets won’t know that you are accessing their information).

Keyword Research Tools

Hack 1: Using Google Trends

Google Trends is a handy tool if you are wondering what the world is searching in Google. Google Trends gives the overview of the trending searches in Google. Using it you can compare different keywords and see how these keywords are searched in Google.

Hack 2: Using SpyFu

It is an online information gathering tool used by hackers to achieve the same at their initial stage of the hacking process.

Go to and enter your website address in the search field, if you want to see your competitors. Then type their your target competitor’s address to find their trending keywords.

You now saw your competitors keywords. Why not try using it in your posts?

Hack 3: Using KeywordSpy

Just like SpyFu, enter your target websites in For example, a blog with traveling niche would target a successful travel agent’s website to see what keywords helps them to succeed.

It would help you to determine the valuable keywords, links, and other information.


Here I have shown how to get better keywords. It probably would assist in better ranking but ranking has other important factors to be taken into consideration.

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