How to Add Bhutanese Calendar to Your Website

Bhutanese have their own type of calendar similar to the Tibetan lunar calendar.

If you own a website or a blog and wish to add a Bhutanese calendar to give a Bhutanese feeling to your work, here is how to do it.

The Bhutanese Calendar offers the facility to embed the calendar in your webpage(s) as you may require.

For self-hosted WordPress, there is a plugin for this purpose but it is no longer updated (to my knowledge).

The best option is to generate code from their website and embed it in yours.

Embed Bhutanese Calendar in Your Website

1. Enter the dimensions of the calendar you want on your website.

2. Click “Get the Code”.

3. It generates code in the textbox just beneath the “Get the Code” button.

Bhutanese Calendar
How to embed

Copy the code from the textbox and paste it into the section of the webpage where you want the calendar to be displayed.

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