Android: Your CPU does not support VT-x

Android: Your CPU does not support VT-x: If you have installed Andriod Studio and if you are trying to create  virtual device(s) on an AMD processor-based laptop, most probably the following issue would arise:

Unfortunately, your computer does not support hardware accelerated virtualization. Here are some of your options: 1) Use a physical device for testing 2) Develop on a Windows/OSX computer with an Intel processor that supports VT-x and NX 3) Develop on a Linux computer that supports VT-x or SVM 4) Use an Android Virtual Device based on an ARM system image (This is 10x slower than hardware accelerated virtualization)

This happened to me and after going through several answers in StackOverFlow and Andriod Studio Documentation, I found this solution.

If you have an AMD processor in your computer you need the following setup requirements to be in place:

  1. AMD Processor – Recommended: AMD® Ryzen processors
  2. Android Studio 3.2 Beta or higher – download via Android Studio Preview page
  3. Android Emulator v27.3.8+ – download via Android Studio SDK Manager
  4. x86 Android Virtual Device (AVD) – Create AVD
  5. Windows 10 with April 2018 Update
  6. Enable via Windows Features: “Windows Hypervisor Platform”.

After doing this, your system would restart.

Restart your system and try again to create Virtual Devices in Andriod Studio.

This worked for me. Hope it does for you too!


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