Why Not Uninstall or Remove Python from Raspbian OS

Python comes installed along with many flavors of Linux. For Raspbian Operating System (OS), like some other Linux-based OSes, both Python 3 and 2.7 comes installed by default.

Raspbian OS is a light-weight operating system for Raspberry Pi, a credit card-sized mini-computer which has the capability to be used as a desktop computer too.

Recently, while working on a computer vision project on my Raspberry Pi, I had to install Python 3.6 or above.

I installed Python 3.7 on it. Thinking Python 3.5, which comes by default is not required any longer, I removed it.

Here’s what happened Next!

While uninstalling Phython 3.5, many other packages also got removed.

Next time, when I tried to boot my Raspberry Pi, it didn’t even boot!

I couldn’t do anything but burn my SD card again and work on the project from the scratch.

What I learned from it?

Never UNINSTALL any Python packages that comes by default in Raspbian OS.

If you require other versions of Python, the best way that one can do is to create virtual environments.

To create virtual environments in Raspbian OS, check out my blog post:

Creating Your Python Virtual Environment

Yet another takeaway

If you’re still programming using Python 2.x, it’s time you switch to Python 3. Here’s why you should do this: Python 2.7 to Die Soon!

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