8 Best Ways to Reduce Your Mobile Internet Data Usage

8 ways to reduce data usage

How much data your devices use is not based on how long they are connected to the Internet but the amount of data transfer (upload or download). We live in an era where Internet connectivity is inevitably a part of our lives but often it is not free.

Mobile devices with great processing power and storage are ubiquitously available. This makes it possible to install and run more applications.  As a result, you must be noticing that your trend of using mobile internet data is skyrocketing.

Here in this post, I am going to share some tips and tricks that can be adopted to reduce internet data usage.

Most of my blog’s readers are from the United States, India, and Bhutan. This post would best suit the Bhutanese readers but it can be relatable to other readers too.

1. Always Make Data Usage Limit or Notification Settings

If you are concerned about the amount of data you use, always make limitation settings. If you do this, you will be able to track how much data you are using periodically. For example, if you wish not to use more than 2GB in a month set your data usage limit to 2GB.

To do this, the steps may vary from one device to another but the logical flow that would remain the same is: head over to the Settings and tap on DataUsage>>Billing Cycle>>Data limit and billing cycle.

2. Update using WiFi only

Mobile applications keep on releasing updates. Often updating these applications can be costly if the download sizes are huge. System updates mostly involve huge data downloads. Therefore, it is always wise to make updates in your devices using free WiFi.

3. Disable Auto-updates

Disabling auto-update installations can save tons of data. It ensures that every update installation is under the user’s control. But one should not forget that it is important that you keep your system and applications updated for security reasons.

4. If you are conscious about data usage, use lite applications

For those users who are conscious about data usage and poor internet connectivity, there are lite alternatives for popular applications like Facebook and YouTube. Lite versions of these applications use less data compromising the quality of content such as video and audio files.

5. Use Net Packages

With the rise of demand for Internet connectivity, telcos provide different packages for talk time and data. Both the telcos in Bhutan, Bhutan Telecom and TashiCell provides different packages for talk time and data. For details visit their official websites:

  1. Bhutan Telecom Ltd. 
  2. TashiCell

Comparing the costs of these two companies, the packages are more economical in Bhutan Telecom.

Other takeaways

6. In mobile devices, ensure that you are not accessing the internet in desktop mode. Accessing the internet in desktop mode requires download of more data than in mobile mode.

7. Compress files before uploading to the internet. Uploading bulky files like huge video files can consume so much of data packages.

8. Use browsers that can block ads.

I hope these tips can be helpful if you are not aware of this. I have written a blog post on some tips that one can use while using the internet. If you are interested to read this, find it here:

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