Yes, Now You Can Create Private GitHub Repositories

Yes, Now You Can Create Private GitHub Repositories. GitHub is a great web-based version control service using Git. It is used by millions of developers, from all over the globe for project management.

GitHub provides distributed version control and source code management(SCM) to its users.

The hot news about it is that we can now create multiple private repositories for free. Until recent times, this service used to be a paid service.

Now a GitHub account can be used to create multiple private repositories with three collaborators.

With free private repositories, the developers will not have to pay to secure secretive projects.

This news is being featured in the blogpost, Github free users get unlimited free private repositories.

As per the blog post, “The amount of collaborators is really the only limitation here and there’s no change to how the service handles public repositories, which can still have unlimited collaborators.

It is of course a surprise announcement for Github’s competitors.

More of the facts about this can be read from GitHub’s official blog.

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