Here is the program to create a phonebook using a shell script. It covers the following functionalities.

Display a menu for the following functions

  1. Add an entry
  2. Display all matches to a string
  3. Sort and display the file
  4. Delete all the entries that match a given string
  5. Exit the program

Using the phonebook, perform the following tasks:

  1. Add a new name to a phone book file
  2. Display all matches to a name or phone number
  3. Sort the phone book by the last name
  4. Delete an entry


#!bin/bash #A phone book application exit=0 phoneBook="phonebook.txt" while [ $exit -ne 1 ] do echo Select the Operation printf "1.Add\n2.Display List\n3.Sort and Display\n4.Delete\n5.Exit\n" printf "Your choice number is: " read answer if [ "$answer" -eq 1 ] then printf "Enter the first name: " read fname printf "Enter the last name: " read lname printf "Enter the phone number: " read number echo "$fname $lname:$number" >> $phoneBook elif [ "$answer" -eq 2 ] then printf "Enter the option\n1.Dispaly all\n2.Display specific one\n" printf "Your option is: " read option if [ "$option" -eq 1 ] then echo The available phone records are: cat $phoneBook else printf "Enter the name or phone number: " read option echo The available phone records are: grep $option $phoneBook fi elif [ "$answer" -eq 3 ] then printf "1.Sort by firstName\n2.Sort by lastName\n3.Sort by phoneNumber\n" printf "Enter the corresponding number to sort: " read pattern echo The sorted list of phone book by last name: echo ------------------------------------------- if [ "$pattern" -eq 1 ] then sort -t" " -k 1 $phoneBook echo ------------------------------------------- elif [ "$pattern" -eq 2 ] then sort -t" " -k 2 $phoneBook echo ------------------------------------------- else sort -t":" -k 2 $phoneBook echo ------------------------------------------- fi elif [ "$answer" -eq 4 ] then printf "Enter the phoneNumber to delete record: " read phone sed -i "/$phone/d" $phoneBook elif [ "$answer" -eq 5 ] then exit=1 else printf "No such options. Please select again\n" fi done
Code language: PHP (php)

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