In fulfilling your digital dreams and aspirations

If you want to digitize your businesses, and if you are struck where to begin, Bhutan IO is where it should start!

Services we provide

(but not limited to)

App Development

Digital Branding

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E-commerce sites

Our Free Online Tools

Website Development

Beautify JavaScript, Beautify HTML, Compress JavaScript files, etc.

Graphic design

Every tools you require to modify images online before uploading on the Internet

File Management

Compress files, convert one file extension to others, generate codes, etc.

SEO Tools

Any tools you require to rank your blog/website on any search engines!

Contact Us

For any  queries, suggestions, comments, or/and business enquiries, kindly contact us here. 

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Hello, I'm Sonam Dargay, a passionate software developer and a tech enthusiast. Currently, I'm pursuing my post-grad degree at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) following my undergrad journey at the Royal University of Bhutan. But I'm more than just a student – I'm a dreamer, a blogger, and a digital explorer. My platform is all about helping people realize their dreams through the magic of digitization.

Sonam Dargay
Software Developer
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