How to Install pyttsx 3 in Windows

How to Install pyttsx 3 for Python 3

Install pyttsx 3: It is a Python Programming Language Text to Speech Synthesizer. pyttsx 3 does not come together with Python installation. Here I will show how to install it. The steps are similar to all operating systems as it can be installed using pip tool.

You can follow the video link shown below or follow the steps given beneath it. It is my first video tutorial I ever tried making. Please do subscribe and click on the bell icon.

Text to speech

The text-to-speech features for pyttsx3 module are based on languages installed in your operating system.

By default, it should come together with the language pack during the installation of the operating system. You need to install the language pack manually if you intend to use other languages.

Installation Command

NOTE: Change pip to pip3 if you are using Python 3.x. in all the commands given below.

It can be installed using pip tool. But first check whether the module is installed or not using the following command:

pip show pyttsx3

For Windows, run the following Command.

pip install pywin32 pypiwin32 pyttsx3

For Linux or OS X based computers, run the following command.

$sudo pip install pyttsx3Code language: PHP (php)

Test Installation

Run the following program. It synthesizes the ‘Hello World’ speech, the installation is successful.

Python pyttsx3 module
Python pyttsx3 module
import os
import sys
import pyttsx3

engine = pyttsx3.init()
engine.say('hello world ')
engine.runAndWait()Code language: JavaScript (javascript)

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